Terms of Service

Welcome to FastMac.io. This Terms of Use Agreement sets forth various terms and conditions that you agree to in exchange for access to our tools and services.


While it is not required that users or members be adults, we do require that the use of our site by minors is approved by their parents or guardians or if the minor is directly supervised by a responsible adult such as a teacher or educator. Any use of our website, or its various tools and services, by a minor is an express indication to us that the minor's parent, guardian, or teacher/educator has approved of such usage and agrees to be bound by this Agreement. Our philosophy is that FastMac provides tools and a learning environment completely compatible with the standards of the education milieu. However, we do recommend that all Internet usage by minors be evaluated and monitored by a responsible caregiver.

Account Termination and Modification

FastMac reserves the right to terminate or suspend the account of any user that it deems is in violation of the Terms of Service agreement, or for any reason we feel is necessary, with or without notice.

Disclaimer of Warranty

We issue no warranty whatsoever and do not make any representations or warranties regarding the availability, suitability, reliability, merchantability, non-infringement, capability, usefulness, or fitness for any general or particular purpose of the site, or the tools, products, or services herein supplied or sold or regarding the characteristics of services provided by or through the site, or regarding the timeliness, accuracy, or usefulness of information obtained from or through the site. The site and all content contained, distributed, sold, or published via the site is provided to you "As Is, Where Is," without any warranty of any kind, express or implied.

We may accidentally erase, or otherwise lose information, content, or data that you provide to us, although we will endeavor to keep your information, content, or data safe and secure. All users may export their data in order to create a backup of that data for the purposes of safekeeping. We may also accidentally divulge information, content, or data that belongs to you to a third party. We will endeavor not to lose or divulge such materials, but if we do, you agree to hold us harmless from any claims regarding such occurrences.